Mar Brazil cares about the environment. Just like you, we love the beach and want to help make this world a better place to everyone. Therefore, our concern has always been to invest in sustainable, environmentally friendly policies and the promotion of good working conditions. As a result, we are a brand that bets on slow fashion as a way of operating in the market.

Slow fashion allows to have much more control over the production process, guarantees favorable working conditions, promotes socio-environmental awareness and avoids the waste of materials. The result is a responsible and conscious brand, with unique quality and identity pieces.

Nevertheless, Mar Brazil won't stop there. The brand has a continuous commitment to look for new ways to evolve and apply positive actions in relation to it's production. This is why we are implementing the use of 100% of the fabrics in the collections: the scraps will be used to make hair scrunchies and the sale price of this item will be converted to an NGO. If you'd like to know more about one of our partners check . With this new approach, we want to eliminate waste of materials and contribute to good social causes.

In addition, with this way of production, Mar Brazil guarantees the quality of the material and helps women to have a fair income and a better quality of life, against the fast-fashion industry.

Our care goes beyond our own needs, as our mission is to always reduce the impacts of our production on the environment. For these reasons, we currently also implement sustainable packaging and labels, using handmade, ecological and recycled papers, which receive flower seeds, vegetables and spices during their manufacturing process and can be planted, generating life, instead of waste.

We hope to continue finding new ways to guarantee the production of incredible and unique pieces, without forgetting about the environment and the society as a whole as this is being Mar Brazil!