About Us

It was a few years back that our Brazilian goddess and CEO, Marcelle Valle, took her first trip to Miami and it was love at first sight. She had gone with her best friend on a trip to celebrate her recent graduation from University. Marcelle fell head over heels with the Miami lifestyle, the United States and the American culture. 

It was from countless hours spent at the sandy beaches, bathing in the aqua-blue ocean, and reminiscing her hometown of Rio de Janeiro, that she was inspired to create the most incredible line of bikinis yet to be seen. Thus, Mar Brazil was born. It would not only be beautiful, bold, and creative, but it would also include one of her most important values: sustainability. 

The creation of Mar Brazil came with great challenges, as the intention had always been to create a brand based on both sustainability and social responsibility. Not only that, but with a strong and unique identity and products made with high quality raw materials. However, combining technology, fashion, comfort, high quality and sustainability was not a simple task.It took a lot of work and dedication to find qualified labor, the best fabrics, create our own identity, understand the needs of the American market and unite it all of that in the Brazilian style. Fortunately, everything worked out for the best and with each collection Mar Brazil got stronger, created new ties and new partners, and has been standing out in the bikini market ever since.

Today, Mar Brazil is an original brand, with its own manufacture. As a mission, we guarantee that all those who collaborate with the company have excellent working conditions and fair remuneration, with an 100% Brazilian production, but adapted to the American market.

For us, it is very important to promote and disseminate sustainability. What that means is that, in addition to using the labor of small  manufacturers, we also invest in the reuse of materials and focus on having the least possible waste, being a brand that invests in slow fashion.

Come and check out Mar Brazil for yourself, where you get to experience the Brazilian style, without forgetting about the environment.

Thank You!

Team Mar Brazil.