Trend alert! Fashion swimwear to wear on multiple occasions. Know more:

Trend alert! Fashion swimwear to wear on multiple occasions. Know more:

A hot trend becoming stronger than ever this 2021 is wearing fashion bikinis and one-pieces to create look compositions to wear in your everyday life. To create a refreshing and comfortable outfit for summer, it’s important to play with some pieces and try new combinations. At first, it might be a bold choice, but to help you create super fashion statement pieces with swimwear designs, Mar Brazil has selected on this article everything you need to know and more!

How to wear bikini designs in your everyday life:

Right off the bat, the easiest way to make an awesome look with a bikini is wearing it as a cropped. This way, it looks like a top and you’ll be comfortable wearing it on different occasions. Check some ideas of look:

- Bikini + Button shirt: a perfect option for the post-beach, mostly if you are going to lunch or have a walk. Likewise, this combination looks pretty good to rock this style adding high waist pants and nice accessories.

- Bikini + Jeans: choose a loosen or destroyed pair of jeans. This makes the perfect casual look.

- Overlay: For bolder looks, grab that transparency piece of clothing and add the perfect bikini to match. This combination is ideal for any kind of party and nightlife events.

 - Cropped bikini with overalls: amazing outfit for daily activities and hot days.

 How to wear one-piece in your everyday life:

Besides wearing the bikini top, you can also wear a plain or printed one-piece as a leotard during your routine. This fashionable item will look great with the following outfits:

Hight waist pant

Short shorts

Mini skirts

You can also match it up with jeans or bomber jackets. Don't hold back to wear accessories to create a stylish and easy look that shows off your real personality.

Extra tips:

To finish it up, we’ve selected some extra tips so you can look stunning with your beachwear, outside the beach:

- Wear all kinds of accessories to complement the look.

- Bikinis are great to enjoy music festivals.

- Add a breezy dress to slip into as the sunsets.

- Wear snickers to give an edge to the look.

- And don't forget your sunglasses 

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