The Bikini - How to pick the perfect one for you

The Bikini How to pick the perfect one for you

  • In 1946, a French designer created the first bikini - as we know it today - and unveiled it in France. After that first moment, the world fell in love with the bikini - but nowhere more than in Brazil! 

    Brazil embraced the bikini like no other place in the world, and since then it has been a part of the country's image, and today, its heritage. The bikini in some parts of the world is an item used to show off a person’s figure, if they fit to the “Instagram pic” look that is. Brazil takes it differently. In Brazil, the bikini is there to make the wearer feel good! Be that while tanning at the pool, taking a walk along the beachfront or even playing a game of volleyball on the sand - Brazillians have the right bikini for everything!

    After moving to the USA, the founder of Mar Brazil realized that people didn’t have the right impression of a bikini - they weren’t passionate like she was. This meant that people were getting a few things wrong when they were buying their bikinis:

    They were buying them for that one “Insta pic”

    They were buying the wrong size

    They were grabbing the big-brand items, which ultimately didn’t give them the support or the comfort they needed

From that moment, the idea of Mar Brazil was born.

A slow-fashion brand that provides options for everyone, no matter their body shape or the requirement! But that still posed a problem - not many people know how to buy the right bikini. There are a lot of different options, and a lot of different details to take into account. So, how do you do it? Here are a few steps to helping you pick the perfect bikini!

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  • We sell bikinis because
    we are passionate about bikinis.

  • If our brand was a person, it would be laidback and free. Unafraid to be different. The one enjoying the beach the most!