Beach Day Skin Care Routine You Must Try. What are some effective beach skincare routines that really work?

Beach Day Skin Care Routine You Must Try. What are some effective beach skincare routines that really work?

Heading to the beach for a day or two? Make sure to pack your skincare essentials to remain radiant after being exposed to the heat of the sun. Regardless of whether you are only staying for 2 days or an entire week, packing enough body and facial products is necessary to keep your skin safe from the harmful effects of UV rays.

Aside from the usual sunscreen, there are other effective products that can shield your skin. Avoid any form of skin damage due to prolonged exposure to the sun with a skincare routine. From serums to moisturizers and exfoliants, keep your skin dry-free and radiant looking, take a look at these skincare tips that benefit all types of skin!

Facial Cleanser

More often, facial soaps are not effective in deep cleaning the pores. Cleansing the face with any gentle and pH balanced cleanser is necessary to remove all the grime and dirt that seeped deep into the skin during the night. Regardless of whether you are using a cream or liquid cleaner, make sure the product you are using does not strip your skin naked of its natural oils.

Never take the advice of applying harsh products on the face for better results. Take note, there are gentle cleansers that should make your sensitive facial skin better than you think it will. Tip: If your facial skin feels tight after applying a cleanser, you have gone overboard the gentle levels of cleansers.

Antioxidant Serum

The most popular and highly recommended form of serum is called CEF serum. It is composed of three antioxidants that destroy every free radical they come across deep in your facial skin. CEF stands for vitamins C and E as well as Ferulic acid. Vitamin C boosts collagen production and brightens the skin. It combats the harsh sun from penetrating your pores entirely.

Vitamin E serves as a great partner for vitamin C as a supplement for lightening the skin. Finally, the ferulic acid works to encourage the efficiency of both vitamins C and E. It is a major ingredient that protects the overall skin integrity by reducing fine lines, dark spots, and wrinkles. Serums should be applied after cleansers for better results.

Body Sunscreen

A list of beach skincare products is not complete without body sunscreen. Many dermatologists recommend using a sunscreen with an SPF of at leats 30 which is effective in blocking 97 percent of the sun’s UVB rays. Contrary to popular belief, any higher than that does not necessarily mean a higher percentage of UVB rays is blocked. The best way to increase the effectiveness of a sunscreen is to reapply it every at least 2 hours and more frequently if you dipped into the water.

Take note, you must lather every inch of your skin with sunscreen half an hour before you soak under the sun. It takes 30 minutes for the skin to fully absorb the nutrients and sun-blocking ingredients of any sunscreen. Tip: you must apply the sunscreen on your face and body thoroughly until there are no longer marks of it left.

Lip Moisturizer

The sun can be extremely dry. Keep your lips soft and smooth by using a lip balm with SPF 15 or 30. Just like sunscreen, it is recommended to reapply the lip balm every now and then to prevent it from cracking due to the sun’s UVB rays. Check the regular lip balm you get from the drugstore for SPF labels. Take note, not all lip balms have SPF. To ensure that your lips stay moisturized, get yourself a lip balm that contains SPF for adequate results.

Scrub Exfoliant

Many skin experts say exfoliating the skin before soaking under the sun promotes better and longer-lasting tan lines. If you want natural-looking tan lines, exfoliate your skin with a scrub-type exfoliant. Just like facial cleansers, exfoliating body scrubs destroy dead skin and dirt that clog the pores and cause blemishes. A clean, evenly colored skin promotes a better glow even before hitting the beach for a tanning session. Tip: Exfoliate your skin first before applying sunscreen. Exfoliating can be done before and after being exposed to the sun.

Key Takeaway

A pre and post-beach skincare routine is necessary to maintain the health and natural glow of your skin. Before you brave the sun’s UVB rays, equip your skin with serums, lotions with SPF, and exfoliants as well as moisturizers.

Avoid returning to the city after a quick getaway to a beach resort in Batangas with dull, dry, and flaky skin by considering effective and tested skincare tips. Your beach essentials list must not only include high-tech gadgets and clothes but also skincare products that will protect and moisturize your face and body.


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